Sam Smith’s Return to the Music World

Angel Emodi, Staff Writer

That’s right! Sam Smith is back with another album! It’s been a long three years, but it’s been worth the wait.  Once again, Sam Smith touches our souls with his heartfelt and passionate music.  

On August 30, Sam Smith announces his return to the music industry. His words are as followed: “First of all I want to say thank you. Thank you for being patient and for letting me have the past year to really escape into my mind and write music so freely. I feel so rejuvenated and have so many stories I can’t wait to tell you. I have missed you all desperately, and a day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t been looking at all your comments and dreaming of singing with you all again. The wait is so nearly over. Something is coming very, very, very, very soon. I am scared and excited at the same time. I’ve poured my soul and heart into this record. Love you all, and see you in the not so distant future.” Smith hints at the release of an album full of stories and experiences from his life from the past 2-3 years.

Before we discuss his return, let’s go back 3 years for some context. In 2014, Sam Smith drops “In the Lonely Hour” with 12.5 million copies sold. Smith steals everyone’s heart away as he pours his soul out and opens up about his love life, family, and sexuality. Basically, he tells his life story through “In the Lonely Hour”. This album leads him to fame and brings his name to the media. It also hits No.2 on Billboard 200 Albums Chart!

In 2015, Sam Smith reveals on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he will be taking a break from the music world. In the interview, Sam Smith states that he needs to live more experiences to write about. His exact words were as followed: “I basically need to kiss some more boys so I can write some songs.” Well, he’s certainly kissed more boys! We’ve been given another amazing album.

On September 8, 2017, Sam Smith releases a hit single “Too Good At Goodbyes”. Smith’s last single was released in 2015, 2 years before “Too Good At Goodbyes”. This song symbolizes Smith’s return into the music world. This song is about, yet again, another breakup. It sets up the platform and mood for his recently released album “The Thrill of It All”.

On November 3, 2017, Sam Smith releases “The Thrill of It All” with 185,000 sales so far. This soulful album is more emotional than “In the Lonely Hour” and conveys a deeper message. Smith still continues to sing about his love life in this new album. Though, he also reveals his ignorance of the world around him. Sam Smith’s “The Thrill of It All” hit No.1 on Billboard 200 Albums Chart this week! Unlike with “In the Lonely Hour”, Smith receives his first Number One Album with this album.

Smith’s fans are definitely grateful about his return to the music world and another meaningful album for his patient fan base. It’s not about which artist can create music the fastest, it’s about which artist can create passionate music that we can relate to and connect to our lives.