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A Treasured Bruno Mars Experience

Ayene Cruz

Ayene Cruz

Ayene Mitzi Cruz, Co-Editor in Chief

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Truly legendary. Simply listening to Bruno Mars’ music is already amazing, but watching him perform live? There are honestly no words to describe his performance as no word can do him any justice. In an attempt to describe him, Bruno Mars and the Hooligans’ performances were so illustrious and transcendent. Mars definitely showed his versatility during his highly energetic concert.

I was able to see the legend himself, Bruno Mars, on Wednesday, November 14th at the Forum in Inglewood. There was so much traffic on the way; however, the wait was worth it. Upon arrival we immediately found parking and headed our way into the Forum. There were radio hosts, people selling cheaper merchandise, and others trolling for tickets. In front of the Forum was a bar and lounge area for all the adults to chill and hang out before the show.

The opening act was British Garage, Soul, Contemporary R&B, and Jazz singer Jorja Smith. Smith and her band flew from London to perform with Mars during his American leg of the tour. Her angelic voice was as beautiful as her appearance. Her voice was deep and raspy with a bit of a soothing ring to it. Her band was also amazing. The band’s bassist and rhythm guitarist was honestly mesmerizing and her percussionist had nice constant slow beats.

After her performance, a large red canopy with a crown came down. The fans yelling increased, there was was pounding, and dancing. The crowd was going wild. The lights then shut off and then laser-like lights began to shine from the stage. Bruno’s best friend/one of the hooligans began to introduce Bruno and the rest of the Hooligans, as the canopy slowly rose.

There, the beautiful man walked onto stage. He started to sing an intro called Finesse which then led to his song “24K Magic,” where fireworks erupted, lights flashed, and high energy vibed from the stage as Mars and the Hooligans jumped and danced around. He sang many songs from his new albums and his old albums.

His special and performance effects were so jaw-dropping. He had fireworks, fire, and confetti falling from the ceiling. His dance moves were so fluid it seemed humanly impossible for him to move in such a certain way. He hyped up the crowd by dancing to “Perm” and making sure everyone one in the crowd was dancing.

Introducing the song “Calling All My Lovelies” he pretended to be on the phone with his girl. He hilariously mimicked an argument with the girl and trying to ask for forgiveness, leading into the song. Halfway through the show, the crowd went silent and Mars began to pretend to be angry. He said that if the crowd is silent so will he. He made the crowd yell, as he danced while they yelled.

He ended off singing “Just The Way You Are,” introducing the Hooligans and thanking the crowd. He then came back for an encore singing “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Uptown Funk.” He then disappeared from the stage, leaving my family and I in awe. It was probably one of the best concerts I have ever been to (even though I’ve only been to 2 other concerts). I felt like my soul left my body (hyperbole, chill) with his singing and dancing. His vibrato and falsetto lifts you off your seat (again, hyperbole). If I had the chance to see him in concert again, I would definitely see him again.

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A Treasured Bruno Mars Experience