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Election Day for Southern California!

Stephanie Ibrahim, Staff Writer

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When people think about elections, the presidential election is the first thing that comes to mind. Although the presidential election has passed, there are other elections occurring in Southern California. The majority of the voters typically vote only in presidential elections, but voting for school board members and other positions in our communities is also important. As residents of Southern California, it’s important to know who is running and their viewpoints in order to elect someone who will help our community. 

On November 7, 2017, citizens living in California voted for various types of elections. The California elections included: U.S. House, State Assembly, and Local Ballot Measures (Ballotpedia.org). Although U.S. House and State Assemblies are both important, local ballot measures are extremely important in order to become more aware of what is happening in the specific cities and/or communities.

According to Ballotpedia.org, “80% of largest school districts scheduled to hold elections in 2017 switch to 2018.” The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) was the 20% that held their elections in 2017 and is the largest school district in Southern California. Some of their issues talked about having a safe haven for students that are undocumented. This means that information about the students will not be shared out to other people. 

Compton is one city that had much debate over Measure A. According to NBCLosAngeles.com, many people were debating on an increase in the salary of the mayor and city council members to full time jobs. On one side, the increase in salaries would benefit the people in those positions and have them be more dedicated to their job. However, the increase in salaries means that other programs in the city might need to be cut down.  

According to NBCLosAngeles, Hawthorne will have the final vote concerning Measure HH. Measure HH will have a 0.75 percent sales tax to fund city services such as the police, the public library, the fire department, and sanitation. As residents of Hawthorne and the surrounding regions, this is important information. Some may argue that the increase will make prices rise, but without this increase, city services will not be improved. Becoming a more informed citizen, allows people to become more involved in the community and make changes they want to see.

As high school students and residents of Southern California, students should be more aware and informed about the elections occurring in the community. Some of the elections include school board positions and students should be more informed because these types of elections could affect their school or school district as a whole. When asked if they knew about the Southern California elections, Senior Zaira A. stated, “No I have not heard of the elections before because I don’t really listen or read the news.” She was also asked which elections are more important and she said, “The presidential elections are important because it depends on the presidents promises and what they plan to do for the country as a whole.” After informing her about the Southern California elections, Zaira A. stated that she would now like to be more informed about the elections occurring in the community. Listening to the news allows students to become more knowledgeable about the area they live in and be able to form their own opinions on certain topics.

Southern California held elections on November 7, 2017 which included school board positions. Specifically, Hawthorne will have the final say on Measure HH which will increase the sales tax. Other cities such as Compton will be voting as well. The Southern California elections allow residents of those specific cities to vote for change if they want to. Elections are extremely important because they allow citizens to have a voice in the government system. Although the presidential election is important, elections in local communities are also important since changes will affect that specific community. If you are able to vote, become informed about elections around you. Use the vote you may have to help make a change.

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Election Day for Southern California!