“Suite Life of Zack and Cody” Cast: Where Are They Now?

May Luntumbue, Staff Writer

It is amazing to see how people you grew up watching have changed from when you last saw them on television. Seeing what we call today, the casts’ “glo-up” is extremely heartwarming, especially when the show had a huge impact. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody was a show that consisted of many laughs and celebrity guest stars that were to die for. Cough, cough. Chris Brown. Let’s talk about the cast, now.

Who remembers Mr. Moseby? Phil Lewis plays the hotel manager in the show. So far, he has not starred in any other series. However, he posted a heartwarming post about his daughter getting her driver’s license. For the caption he used a joke from the show by saying she knew what the “PRNDL” was. Suite Life fans, you know what I’m talking about right? If you don’t, feel free to watch Season 1, Episode 10!

London Tipton’s really great, really great, really great.. Brenda Song plays the role of London Tipton, the hotel owner’s spoiled daughter. Let’s just say, London was quite a character. According to her Instagram post, Brenda is still working on different projects. On September 12, she wrapped up a project called Angry Angel featuring insta-star, King Bach.

Maddie is another character on the show, played by Ashley Tisdale. She’s most recognized for her love-hate relationship with London. Ashley Tisdale recently reunited with former co-star, Lucas Grabeel and re-sang their duet from High School Musical. Ashley Tisdale is now married! Oh, how time flies.

Last, but not least: Zack and Cody. Those boys were truly a pain to Mr. Moseby, and their poor mother. The guys celebrated their 25th birthdays this August. Dylan and Cole Sprouse attended and graduated from NYU. It’s astonishing news to know the two were able to not only film a show, but receive their high school diploma. Cole decided to be a photographer, capturing anything that’ll please his eyes. He also is in a Netflix series called “Riverdale”. Dylan surprisingly returned to doing what he’s loved doing since he was a child: acting. According to IMDb, he is in a horror movie called “Dismissed”; and is currently filming a short film called “Carte Blanche” (2018). Look into it!

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Dylan Sprouse: IG// @DylanSprouss
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