What are the boys of One Direction up to now?

Kathleen Catamisan, Arts and Entertainment Editor

It has almost been two years since the day that One Direction announced their hiatus. For Directioners, time has been going slow for so long, and we’re waiting for the day they all get back together. Within their hiatus, each boy has pursued his own interests, making it seem like the hiatus will be pushed back even longer. With each of their own careers going on, it may be hard to catch up with all of them, and many of you may be wondering, what are those One Direction boys up to now?


For those of you wondering, buckle up and enjoy the ride, because the boys have been busy. First, let’s start off with Harry Styles. Harry released an album titled Harry Styles. With the release of this album also came the release of the film Dunkirk, which featured Harry as a protagonist. Recently, Harry started his first solo tour on September 19, which will go until July of 2018. Many videos of Styles concert’s have been uploaded on the internet, with many going on Twitter. Harry has sung many of his own songs, covers, and One Direction songs. So to my fellow Directioners out there, be aware of those One Direction covers, because they really pull at your heartstrings. Next up we have Niall Horan. Throughout the summer, Niall toured around the country, singing at some shows. At these shows he would sing his singles “Slow Hands” and “This Town”, sing a couple covers, and from time to time, he would sing a song that he hasn’t released yet. Horan later released the dates for his upcoming tour “Flicker Sessions”, and started in late August, and will run to November. Horan creating a tour caused a lot of speculation because he hasn’t even released an album yet. Many fans wondered what he would play during his tour, and we found out on his first tour date. Many fans released videos of the concert where Horan was playing songs off his album, covering One Direction songs, and many other songs. Horan intended to do this because he wanted his fans to hear his album first. After the first couple of shows, he later announced that his album Flicker will be out on October 20th. In addition to his two singles that have already been released, he dropped another one titled “Too Much to Ask”. I recommend that you listen to this song because it is a slow, sad love song that I love blasting in the shower. (The video will be linked down below!)


Ashley Jimenez
Harry Styles on his tour at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.


Niall and Harry are the two active members of One Direction right now, leaving us with Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. The two have had multiple projects, but not as much as Harry and Niall. Louis Tomlinson released a song over the summer titled “Back to You” featuring Bebe Rexha. This is the second song he’s released with the first one being “Just Hold On” with Steve Aoki. Besides this, Tomlinson has been taking care of his son, Freddie. Liam Payne holds a situation similar to Tomlinson’s. Liam is currently in a relationship with Cheryl Cole, and has a child with her, named Bear. While Payne took care of his little family, he also went back to singing. Throughout the hiatus, Payne has released two song: “Strip That Down” and “Get Low”, with each song featuring different artists. With the release of the boys’ individual works, we see the different musical style each pursued. Styles went for a soft punk genre, Horan for a pop genre, Tomlinson for an EDM vibe and pop genre, and Payne with hip hop. With the release of their own projects, we see the different talents that each one possesses, and it makes me even more excited for their comeback.


As each boy furthers his career, I’ll be supporting them and keeping you guys updated with what they’re doing. In the near future, I’ll be writing a review on Niall Horan’s album, and hopefully, one on Louis Tomlinson’s, too. I’ll be seeing you guys then! Also, below are links to some of the music that the boys have made. If you’re a beginner to the world of One Direction, I suggest you listen to their albums starting with Up All Night, and then listen to their solo work to see the difference!