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Angel Hair Pasta: Not So Angelic

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Gisselle Larios

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December 19, 2017

Is it spaghetti or angel hair pasta in your dish? If the noodle is uncomfortably thin, then it’s angel hair pasta, spaghetti’s irrelevant cousin. Angel hair pasta, or “Capelli d’angelo,” is a ridiculous, thinner variation of the original spaghetti pasta. Besides the unappealing name (angel or not, I refuse to eat their hair), it is not as hearty as other popular pastas, such as fettuccine, fusilli (the twisty pasta resembling a nail’s spiral), or penne. To rub more salt on the wound, angel hair pasta costs more than our beloved fettuccine, based off the Great Value brand at Walmart. A regular two-pound box of angel hair is $2.68, while a one-pound box of fettuccine is $1.58. Walmart gives you more angel hair pasta for no good reason at a higher price. Why buy an expensive, slimmer knock-off of spaghetti when there’s delicious, hearty, cheap fettuccine available?

Google “most popular kind of pasta.” A list from Google will appear at the top before any other search result.

Guess what pasta is not included.

Spaghetti is at number one, while fettuccine is number five. On 2Yum.Me, a website on all things food, they have created a list of top ten pastas consumed worldwide.

Guess what pasta is not included.

Even globally, angel hair pasta is forgotten, unmentioned, swept under the carpet. Spaghetti is usually at the top of the pasta lists, renowned and loved. Why give any time to a slim knock-off? Also, did I mention it costs more? I did, but just a reminder.

Angel hair pasta is the bane of all pastas; the pasta no one talks about. No one ever craves angel hair alfredo or angel hair and meatballs. It’s clear angel hair pasta will never measure up to its more popular pasta cousins, and no one will ever choose angel hair over any other pasta.

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Angel Hair Pasta: Not So Angelic