Boys Soccer Team Soars Once Again


Photo Source: Lesly Gonzalez and Camilla Valadez

The HMSA boys soccer team said farewell to another well played and well-performed season. They fought with determination and ambition throughout the entire season, .

By the end of the season, the Aviators obtained an overall record of 6-9-2 and a league record of 5-6-1. With the help of Coach Launius and their consistent play, the team acquired a spot in the playoffs for the third year in a row. Even though their path to the championship was cut short, the fact that they reached playoffs is a win on its own.

Once the season initiated, the team was focused and exhilarated. The boys soccer team encountered some challenges that they worked to diminish, on and off the field. “We are a much younger team this year but we still have plenty of talented and skilled players,” stated Coach Launius. New talent means a refreshing change on the field in terms of ball control and team communication. This was clearly seen by the way the ball was mostly controlled by Aviator players during several games.

We are a much younger team this year but we still have plenty of talented and skilled players”

— Coach Launius

Throughout the season the players demonstrated their skilled footwork and strong defense when swerving past opponents and guarding the goal.

This nimbleness emerged from constant practice as stated by team player Erick M.: “Many of us practice outside of school practices. Many of us play in our [club] teams outside of school. Not only that, but we sometimes meet up to play at Memorial Park.” As you can see, the HMSA boys demonstrate a love for their sport as well as a commitment to each other to play the best they can, as seen by their continuous playoff berths.

The end of the season is bittersweet. Players are able to celebrate their successful year and say goodbye to some key players on the team: the seniors Kirolus E., Eddie G., Alejandro L., Rudy S., and Andrew T. Senior and Team Captain Eddie G. wanted to share a few words with the players: “I wish the upcoming seniors and underclassmen a great season, I’ll come out and support them whenever I can. New freshmen mean new opportunities.” The years to come will continue to see a united team that is composed of players that offer outstanding qualities, in terms of personality and skill.

The Aviator boys experienced a season of moments that tested their abilities and others in which they celebrated their victories. I congratulate the boys on a spectacular season and wish them the best in the following years. See you next winter boys!