Comeback of the Century

When one speaks of a game that keeps a fan on the edge of their seats they must be referring to Super Bowl LI. A game that undermined all expectations. After several sacks, numerous incomplete passes, and a 21-point deficit, the New England Patriots made history.

The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons went head to head for the fifty-first Super Bowl. The historic moment took place at the NRG Stadium in Houston, TX. What can I say, everything is bigger in Texas. Most sternly believed that the Patriots would obtain an easy win against the Falcons; however, that was not the case. To give you an idea, after asking 100 students which team they saw winning the Super Bowl, 69 of them chose the New England Patriots. Many saw Tom Brady as unstoppable during the season. Following his return from a well-publicized suspension due to Deflate-gate in 2015, Brady appears to have only improved. All the same, Falcon quarterback, Matt Ryan consistently made plays throughout the regular season enabling the Falcons to earn their spot in this exciting game.

The Falcons started off the game with great runs after winning the coin toss. They continued to dominate the 1st quarter with their strategic defense and smart offensive play. Even though neither teams scored during this quarter, it was clear that the Flacons had their eye on the trophy since the second they set foot onto the field. Both Ryan and Brady were sacked in this quarter yet Ryan was focused on consistent passing, unlike Brady who was not up to Ryan’s speed at the time. No one knew what to expect from 2nd quarter until the Falcon’s made the first touchdown of the game. This only motivated them further as seen by the following two touchdowns they scored in the same quarter. Patriot fans shocked at the sight while Falcon fans intensely cheered. Brady was seen attempting to make plays however his urgency and distress caused many of the thrown balls to be incomplete passes. His attempts later paid off with a field goal leaving the Patriots with a score of 3 versus the Falcons’ score of 21 by the end of the 1st half. When comparing the score to past Super Bowls, no team has ever come back from a deficit higher than 10 points. This worried many fans.

The 3rd quarter consisted of the Patriots moving along the playing field more easily; however, the speed of the Falcons defense prevented Brady and his wide receivers, such as Chris Hogan, from scoring more than one touchdown during the quarter. The patriots entered the 4th quarter with the score of 9 versus the Falcons score of 21. The game’s outcome appeared to be known by then, especially due to the several sacks Brady had during the first 10 minutes of the quarter. Then came minute 6, where the game seemed to be turning around. The Patriots scored another touchdown and acquired a 2-point conversion in addition to the field goal they obtained earlier on in the same quarter. The score was now 20-28 up to a minute before the second half ended. Falcon fans watched the scoreboard display a score they did not expect to see when considering the rest of the game. The Patriots scored another touchdown and 2-point conversion causing the game to move into over- time. Not only did the fans appear nervous but so did the players.

Once a game enters overtime, the team that scores first is named the winner. After only 4 minutes into overtime, James White of the New England Patriots completed a pass in the end-zone ending Super Bowl LI. New England fans cheered with pure joy and happiness. No other team had ever come back from a deficit higher than 10 points. Tom Brady earned his 5th Super Bowl win, making him the only quarterback to have 5 Super Bowl rings. This was truly an unforgettable night. Thank you, Texas, for making Super Bowl LI none like ever before.