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Fortune Sobotie

The Calm before the Storm. The boys warm up right before their game. (Photo by Fortune S.)

The HMSA Boys Soccer season is fully underway, and they are following in last year’s footsteps. The boys’ soccer team, led by head Coach Launius, has an overall record 3-8-2 and a league record of 3-6-1.

During practices, the boys run the ball through the wings. They also practice switching the ball from one side of the field to the other, corner kicks, and two on one plays (in which there are two offensive players and one defender and vice versa).

This past Thursday, the HMSA boys soccer team played against Lennox, one of the most competitive teams. Previously the boys’ soccer team lost to them 2-1. However, the boys’ soccer team fell short by one point, losing 1-0. Despite not scoring, sophomore Ruben R., attempted his best and played remarkably well. The HMSA boys soccer team did have some close calls when scoring a goal. The boys’ soccer team’s crossbar and counter attacks caught Lennox off guard. It was a difficult match for the HMSA boys but together they played as a team and did their best to try to win.

The boys’ soccer team preps for their game. (Photo by Fortune S.)

Junior Ramiro P. commented saying, “Despite the defeat [with Lennox] being a good team, we were able to find open spaces and unfortunately we couldn’t take advantage.” He added to that by saying, “We need to improve and work even harder to ensure we win the next games.” The next HMSA boys soccer game was against New Roads. This was a home conference game which took place on Monday, January 30. Their game took place at the campus in El Segundo, starting at 3:00 (right after school). With only three more games left in the boys’ soccer schedule, hopefully, they can seek a victory in this next game to overcome the lost against Lennox. 

On February 2, the Boys played against Wildwood and managed to secure a victory with a score 3-2. This victory also granted the Boys Soccer Team passage to the playoffs! Congratulations to the Boys Soccer Team.