Monsters, Ladybugs, and Cowboys: Teachers Reveal Their Past Halloween Costumes

Victoria Herrera, Staff Writer

Halloween is here! You might be planning to go trick-or-treating or staying in to watch  spooky movies; but have you ever wondered how teachers spend it? We asked a few teachers to describe their most memorable Halloween experiences and here are their answers:

  • Mr. Severns: “I dressed up as a girl once. I put on my mom’s dress. My babysitter did my hair and makeup. I was in the sixth grade. My babysitter suggested it and I went along with it for her entertainment. Also, in college I dressed up as Frankenstein, that was pretty cool.”
  • Mr. Flint: “People used to always wear ghost costumes, just the regular sheet with holes for the eyes. We would go trick-or-treating and swap costumes, so we could go for a second round to the houses that gave the best candy. People pulled tricks on those who didn’t give candy (they’d toilet paper the person’s house). Halloween at UC Santa Barbara was fun as well, but I’d rather not go into detail.”
  • Ms. Siegler: “My sophomore year in college I needed a costume last minute, so I sped off to Kmart. Luckily, I found a ladybug costume for five dollars. It had dots on the wings. I wore it to a party and the dots kept falling off. My friend and I ended up having to go around informing people that they had the dots on their butts. I was also a bee, a twinky, a green m&m, and a playing card.”
  • Mr. Highducheck: “Of course I celebrated Halloween, you get free candy! I remember when I was small I dressed up as a cowboy one year and a skeleton, too. I mostly dressed up for the candy. Back then, however, they gave cheaper candy. Now, people hand out Snickers, they used to give Tootsie Rolls, butterscotch candy- we would trick-or-treat just to get a few good ones. We used to use our pillow cases, unlike the fancy pumpkins kids use now.”