A Century in the Making

After 108 years, 19 presidents, a few economic crises, and a sci-fi movie prediction later, The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series!

These past seven games were one glorious experience. It all began with a Cleveland win, then a Cubs win, then two more Cleveland wins. With the Cubs down in a 3-1 series, it seemed as if the Indians were so close to winning the title. However, the Cubs turned it around by forcing a thrilling game seven. The Cubs managed to get the victory with an 8-7 score in ten innings.


The 1908 Cubs team that one the World Series. Photo via Wikimedia under the Creative Commons license.
The 1908 Cubs team that won the World Series. (Source: Wikimedia under the Creative Commons license)

The first four innings showed that the game was within the Cubs’ grasp: they had a 3-1 lead. However, things did not go as planned in the next few innings. Yes, they did gain two runs in the fifth inning, but so did Cleveland, the game was now 5-3, the heat rising ever so slightly. But the Cubs were still winning…then the eighth inning happened, and it was at that moment the game got so much better.

The Cubs blowing the lead they comfortably sat on made the game more interesting and kept everyone on the edge of their seats. For one whole, heart-wrenching inning nothing happened in the game, but all the action occurred behind the screen. Both Cubs and Cleveland fans were at the edge of their seats as they waited for the final conclusion of the game. Ultimately, they had to go another inning, but the game was delayed because of rain. Thankfully, this gave fans from both sides time to rest their hearts.

However, once the game resumed, the adrenaline rush began once again, and everyone was on the edge of their seats. Then the breaking point came, the Cubs managed to get a run! However, that didn’t assure them a victory; Cleveland still needed to bat, but the odds were not in their favor. Cleveland suffered three outs and handed the Cubs their long awaited victory. Not only were the Cubs able to come out with the victory and the title, but the Cubs were also the first team to recover from a 3-1 series lead since the Kansas City Royals in 1985. In an ESPN article, MVP Ben Zobrist commented by saying, “It’s epic. I can’t believe we were able to do it” after the Cubs’ victory.

When Anthony Rizzo tagged the last out, the euphoria felt by every Cubs fan felt like it was leaking out of the screen. The happiness was so clearly seen on both the fans’ and players’ faces. Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs for winning the World Series. Here’s to another great season next year.