Future Readiness Class

Ayene Mitzi Cruz and Isaac Gorgy

High school is known as the gateway to college–it is the experience and learning that helps you drive your way through life. The classes teach you normal subjects like math, science, english, etc and how to apply it in your daily life. However, since high school is supposed to pave our paths to our futures, wouldn’t it be beneficial to have actual classes taught about the tools we really need?

What are the important things in life that we don’t learn in high school? How to fill out a resume, how to act during a job interview, practice sat’s/act’s, and many more. All of these classes may actually be really important for our colleges and careers. Classes that burgeon your knowledge about the “real” world is essential. In addition to the academic-based classes, courses that prepare students to get a job, manage their spending, and ultimately, live independently are vital.  

Think about in HMSA, the last period we have is College Prep. However, if you’re not in a club most CP’s are either subject classes that help you improve and get help on the subjects you need, or SAT prep. These classes are excellent for preparing you for a rigorous college education. However, they do not prepare students to mature enough to live alone. The prominent argument against such classes in high school is that students learn from their mistakes; they should not be “spoon fed” everything. While this is true, a wrong decision while living independently away from your parents can be crucial. The idea that students do not need to prepare themselves for their future is absurd. In fact, the lack of courses that prepare students for their future lead many to make critical mistakes that add to their debt or distract them from their classes and grades.

One potential college prep class that we could have is life a Future Readiness Class. The class could teach students the breakdown of how to get a job. From filling out resumes, interviews, learning about the benefits and hours and even just figuring out if a job/career may be worth it. The class could have a teacher that will guide students with any questions/concerns they may have. A similar class called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is offered at a plethora of schools. Avid’s goal is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society (avid.org). If HMSA expands in the future, a class like this would be extremely beneficial for all grade levels.  

It also doesn’t have to be just about jobs and colleges–the classes could be about learning how to cook  healthier and cheaper, efficient cleaning supplies and methods, or just any “how to” that we may need. Essentially, any class that will help students learn to adapt and thrive as independents is significant.

It is important for students to really feel like they are prepared for whatever is to come. Going into college, a career, or just life blindly will really hit us all in the faces. Of course we learn from experience, but since high school is suppose to prepare us for all that’s to come–shouldn’t we make it easier on ourselves and have these classes available for us?