USC tops 50K

Isaac Gorgy , Editor-in-Chief

Tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year at The University of Southern California is set to surpass $50,000 for the first time. Surprisingly, this exceeds most schools including Harvard, charging about $45,000 in tuition and fees. Most students, especially seniors, might feel uneasy about this increase and will try to avoid applying or attending USC. However, USC’s tuition should not intimidate anyone simply because most students will pay nowhere near that amount.

Almost two-thirds of USC undergraduates receive financial aid ( In addition, 22% of students receive a USC merit scholarship. Many may think that the expensive tuition will push minorities and low income students from attending USC. However, the school encourages everyone to attend the school and works to provide as much financial assistance as needed.

Some of the top colleges in the United States pledge to meet 100% of financial need meaning that these institutions require families to pay their calculated family contribution, and the school will cover the remaining expenses. Among these universities are Harvard, Harvey Mudd, John Hopkins, Northwestern, Princeton, Pomona College, Yale, and the list goes on. To see the full list, click here.  In addition, students qualifying for the Cal Grant A award receive the equivalent of full tuition at UC and CSU schools. Therefore, do not let the sticker price of a college prevent you from applying or attending.

Scholarships! Apply to as many as you can. High school seniors have the advantage of applying to scholarships, but unfortunately many do not take that opportunity. The HMSA counseling department put together a spread sheet on Edmodo filled with dozens of scholarship opportunities. Yes, it even includes scholarships that don’t require long personal essays, so take advantage of those scholarships and apply to as many as you can. Despite the many concerns regarding the cost of attendance and the plethora of political debates that mislead individuals into believing that they can’t afford college, a university’s tuition should not prevent anyone from attending their dream school.