The Mighty Bucks

Joshua Tejano, Staff Writer

The title of this article is a story all on its own. Not only have the Golden State Warriors managed to go on a 28 game winning streak, but they also managed to have it snapped by the third-worst team in the Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks.

At home, the Warriors are arguably the best team in the league. They have now won 29 straight games at home. However, Saturday’s game against the Bucks was on the road. The pressure of playing in front of the Buck’s home crowd caught up to them. With an average point differential of +13.1 per game, the Warriors failed to keep it up with a 7-point loss. At the half, the Warriors were down 59-48 and finished the game with a score of 108-95. The Bucks led by double digits for most of the game.

According to, Stephen Curry has averaged about 32 points per game. He scored 28 points against the Bucks, but it wasn’t enough to help carry the Warriors, who were coming off a double overtime victory over the Boston Celtics. The Warriors, who are also known for their 3-point shooting, failed to utilize the three-pointer against the Bucks. Fatigue was a big factor in their loss.

Luke Walton told that the Warriors “didn’t have [their] shots falling; [they] were a little slow on defensive rotations.” However, several Warriors players said the Bucks finished the game without sportsmanship. They are trying to start another winning streak while seeking revenge for the Bucks’ conduct. The Warriors play the Bucks again tomorrow, December 18th at home in Oracle Arena. Maybe the 29 home winning streak can’t be snapped by the Bucks, considering the fact that the Warriors are trying to make a statement. With one less record to worry about (the Lakers hold the longest winning streak with 33 games), the Warriors can focus more on their game. That doesn’t keep fans from wondering if they can beat the Chicago Bulls record of only 72 wins and only 10 losses though. I guess only time will tell.