The Heart of Champions


The boys’ soccer team had smiles on their faces after defeating Wildwood, 6-0. Photo taken by Richard Estrella.

Richard Estrella, Staff Writer

It was all smiles around for the boys’ soccer team as they went on to defeat Wildwood, 6-0.

The boys were completely dominating the game as they hardly gave Wildwood a chance to touch the ball. Wildwood’s chances of possession were taken away by HMSA’s defense. Coach Launius was very impressed with the team’s performance, but mentioned that the team could’ve improved with ¨scoring because they missed some goals that they should have made.” Nonetheless, the tactics Coach Launius used during the game were so effective that he is going to use the same strategy against CAMS on Thursday. However, Coach Launius always believes there is room for improvement: “I am still working out some issues with the Center Defensive Midfielder position.”

Striker Bryan Rodriguez was the man of the match. Like Coach Launius, Bryan was also very impressed with the team’s performance judging by his attitude after the game. He stated that the team has a lot of “talent and with the talent that [we] have this year, [we] will make it far.” With a score line of 6-0, it’s hard to argue against this statement.

Overall the boys played a well-rounded game that showed their true potential and desire to win. These are the characteristics of league champions and the team has potential to be just that.