Robots Are Taking Over The World!

Elvia Ochoa, Staff Writer

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Technology is all around us: phones, computers, tablets, etc.-we all know. All these technological advances make our lives easier with their convenience. If these “small” practical inventions can make an individual’s life easier, imagine what an entire robot can do! A nuclear incident in Fukushima, Japan and Hurricane Katrina sparked the idea of building a robot to aid disaster occurrences (Boyette, Robots and Drones).

Although the robots aren’t completely finished and 100% accurate, they are certainly on their way to improvement. A robotics professor at Texas A&M University enthusiastically says the type of robot being produced is “smarter than a plane” and that “it’s got all sorts of onboard electronics to let it do preprogram surveys” (Boyette, Robots and Drone). According to the LA Times and, the innovative robots will be able to drive and lift objects in situations that would be hazardous to humans-things that will clearly be valuable in disaster situations (Khan, Rescue Robots Show Future Disaster). Some might say these robots will eventually replace humans, but since they were created by humans, the robots aren’t perfect either. Humans have significant qualities that cannot be instilled into the minds of machines.

Drones and robots were made to help, but their assistance is limited. The professor at the University in Texas also stated that one of the major flaws of the robots is being unable to collect data which is vital (Boyette, Robots and Drones). Nonetheless, these helping robots are excellent examples of what we can truly accomplish with technology and an example of how we should be using it- the right way.

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