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The Boys Are Back In Town

The boys' soccer team huddles up after a match. Photo provided by Randy Launius.

The boys' soccer team huddles up after a match. Photo provided by Randy Launius.

The boys' soccer team huddles up after a match. Photo provided by Randy Launius.

Richard Estrella, Staff Writer

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With the winter season approaching, boys’ soccer is back and the operation is in full swing. The boys’ soccer team coach Mr. Launius is more ambitious this season than ever before having set three goals for the team: “make the playoffs, come in 1st place in our league, and win a playoff game”. All of these goals may seem hard to achieve, but judging from last season’s performance, this should be capable of accomplishing.

When Coach Launius was asked what he will do in order to improve upon last year’s success he said the team has “become more organized, better disciplined, and much more determined. Many of the boys also trained in cross country to become more fit.  We have also added a JV team to build for the future.” Thanks to some of the returning players’ participation in Cross Country, the performance of the teams should improve drastically. The implementation of a J.V. team allows the players to gain experience from the team that made it to the playoffs last year.

Launius has “implemented more drills for passing and controlling the ball and being aware of where teammates are.” Passing and control intertwine with each other; passing is needed to further advance the ball so the strikers can score, but the player must be able to control the ball in order to pass it and to prevent the opposing team from obtaining the ball.

During half time, Launius interacts with his team:“It depends on how they are playing and what they are doing.  Sometimes they need to be yelled at, sometimes they need to be encouraged, and sometimes they need guidance.” Any team needs a good talk during half-time in order to preserve the way they’re playing or the opposite.

The boys’ soccer team is preparing for the season ahead and hope to be successful with Coach Launius’ leadership.

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The Boys Are Back In Town