Stricter Gun Control Laws

Britney Lopez, Staff Writer

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The gun control laws in the United States make it very accessible for almost anyone to own a firearm. In some states such as Vermont, Arizona, Alaska, and Wyoming, people are allowed to carry a firearm even without a permit. This easy access to weapons often leads to detrimental consequences.

Many use the second amendment (the right to bear arms) in opposition to stricter gun control. However, people need to understand the circumstances regarding this amendment.  This amendment was adopted in 1791 when militias were used for protection for towns and communities. But now we live in a more advanced and civilized society, so the use for guns and weapons is not as necessary.

With the recent San Bernardino shootings, the lack of gun control is evident. The guns used in fifteen recent mass shootings, including the San Bernardino shootings, were bought legally. At least eight gunmen had a history of mental illness, but they were still able to legally purchase a gun (The New York Times). Fifty-two school shootings occurred this year alone, so when is it enough? When do we realize that that gun control is a burgeoning problem in the United States? Many think that owning a gun is for protection, but the leniency of gun control laws has led to dozens of horrific massacres.

After a mass shooting in 1996 in Australia, their gun control laws became very strict to prevent anything like this from happening again. According to The Washington Post, “homicides by firearms plunged 59 percent between 1995 and 2006.” After enacting enacting strict gun laws, Australia hasn’t experienced a similar massacre. The events in Australia clearly show that stricter gun control laws are effective.

Tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary and Columbine High School shootings and many more that happened this year are a wake up call for our whole country. Our safety matters.



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