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Zoom to High School Transition

High school can be filled with lots of emotions.  When you’re a freshman, it’s a new environment.  For the class of 2025, 2020 kids returning from Covid quarantine, it was…awkward.

The transitions become weird from a classroom to Zoom back to a classroom, to a classroom with rules and a slow transition back to what was called “regular,” back to a classroom with new restrictions: masks, six feet apart, no large groups of people, germs, not being able to see someone’s face, no expressions to be read. Finally being able to take the mask off and to express yourself more freely was a relief.

Classrooms are what you make the most out of, whether you’re in the classroom or outside of it. (Jeneen Luna)

Lining up with friends on book pick-up day or just in class with a good environment, these are photos from natural days days at HMSA


Waiting in the book pick-up line (Jeneen Luna)
Goofing off with a teacher during lunch  (Jeneen Luna)
Hearing state test (Jeneen Luna)


Fun experiences can happen at any moment. Last school year (2022-2023), I had so much fun in Ms. Morris’ classroom; the activities were so engaging and made the school year fun. For example, she made us read Dad jokes, so we could feel more comfortable about public speaking.  And, when we had a reading day after midterms, we had hot chocolate and snacks like cookies while we read all period so that we could get caught up with our literature circle books.

“Friends are the most important/best part of school” is what some people think. I believe this is true because when times get tough, they are having a tough time too. Friends help you grow because you grow together.

Jeneen Luna
ASB was fun (making posters and cherished memories) (Jeneen Luna)
Bio was ruff (Jeneen Luna)

The start to high school was a little awkward but friends make it all worth it at the end 

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