Class of 2026’s Takeaways

Earl Coker

At the start of school, as a freshman, it was difficult to figure out how to go about volunteering and clubs. But as I went along I was able to figure out my path and now that I’m at the end of it, functioning at school has become normal. Other students have different experiences.

Some say they’ve learned nothing, but others say:

“I’m extremely busy.” -Kaden

“I’ve learned to turn things in on time.” -Erika

“I learned how to manage my time.” -Samantha


Some say they just learned subjects overall:

“I’ve learned life skills.” -Baddriudiem

‘I’ve learned math.” -Xochitl


Some learned personal lessons:

“I learned if you like someone talk to them.” -Denise

“I learned to not date a girl after one week.” -Julio


Some gave detailed answers:

“I learned that in high school, communicating with your teachers is very important, especially if you have questions or concerns. Also, being shy or reserved doesn’t help you make connections with your peers at all. Being respectful and outspoken is the best way to go about making friends, in my opinion.” -Mercy

“No one told me P.E. was going to involve so much running. Something I also enjoyed about this year was learning about other ethnicities and religions because of the diversity here.” -Anonymous


 My advice to the class of 2027 is to ask any question, even if it sounds dumb or if it seems like you should be able to find out for yourself.