Thoughts about Blue Lock

Hello, we’re Buka and Anthony. We both love Blue Lock, so we decided to compare our favorite characters and moments from the manga, and the anime that has been shown so far. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Blue Lock, it is a series that follows the main character Isagi as he plays football/soccer in a facility where he must improve to win. If he loses, he will never be allowed to play football again.


Now, the first question, who’s your favorite character from Blue Lock? 

Buka: Top 3: Nagi, Barou, Rin

Anthony: Top 3: Bachira, Nagi, Isagi


Next question: What was your favorite scene from Blue Lock? 

Anthony: Isagi going against Niko’s team intercepting the pass and making his first goal, awakening and unlocking his direct shot.

Buka: Barou’s awakening and making an insane goal.


What is something you didn’t like about Blue Lock?

Buka: The pace of the anime makes things slower than it should be.

Anthony: Can get predictable because the score ends up 4-4 most of the time in the second selection.


Who’s awakening was your favorite and why?

Buka: Barou’s awakening was my favorite, because in the anime his aura and animation when he was awakening was shocking, and his lion effect shows that he was ready to devour.

Anthony: Barou’s my favorite because his ego/aura is unique and his devouring dynamic with Isagi shows his importance.


What are some things you think Blue Lock should’ve added?

Buka: Including the background story of Isagi and what motivated him to continue to play soccer.

Anthony: I agree with Buka’s idea that more backstory should have been added to create more depth in Isagi’s character.


Last question: What were your first impressions of Blue Lock?


Buka: I was first told about the whole Blue Lock anime from my friend, Uyi, and from first looks, I thought that it was boring because of its title. During the last episode at the time, I thought it should’ve continued with a lot more. So, I went on to read the manga and found out that I regretted what I said earlier about the manga. Also, like the “Project Blue Lock” in the recent World Cup, it ties along with the manga.

Anthony: I was first told that Blue Lock was similar to Hunger Games, but with soccer/football, which interested me from the beginning. The Hunger Games is such a unique idea and mixing it with a sport that I enjoy creates super high stakes. Letting your future and your fate be decided by a game of soccer/football is an idea that really catches my eye.


One more: Who do you think will be the strongest striker at the end of the series?

Anthony: I don’t think Isagi will/should be the best striker. He plays more like a midfielder. I think the best striker will be either Shidou or Barou, because they have the most striker traits. Barou’s dribbling mixed with his physicality and shot power make him a striker that is not easily taken off the ball. Shidou has a crazy amount of potential with his shot creation, and his ability to adapt to any situation and still come out on top.

Buka: I think Rin would be the strongest striker at the end of the series because of his whole one second ahead prediction. Also, because he has the ability to make the ball move in a certain way that you couldn’t predict, which I feel like if he improves more towards the series, he would be the best in Blue Lock.