How to Make a Vision Board

Jacqueline Prado, Writer

Start the new year right and create a vision board of goals you want to achieve. Growth is possible with discipline, consistency and an open mind.

When creating a vision board, think thoroughly about where you want to see yourself a year from now. Whether it’s fixing bad habits or picking up a hobby, having a vision board displayed will keep you motivated. Setting goals for yourself is important as they help guide you towards your target. Now more than ever, high school students should focus on building paths and routines that can help them in the future.  A vision board helped me create better habits and manage my time wisely. Ultimately, this is your vision board, so be creative and add pictures that will inspire you to continue working towards a better future.

5 Tips To Be Successful: 

  1. Be open to changes in your life 
  2. Stay consistent
  3. Change the mindset of “I will” and actually do it
  4. Reward yourself after you reach a goal to keep you motivated. 
  5. Set realistic goals for yourself, it’s normal to fail but you shouldn’t give up because it’s difficult.  

5 Ideas To Add To Your Board: 

  1. Travel Destinations
  2. Self-care dates twice a month
  3. Join a gym 
  4. Connect more with family
  5. Join a book club