A Ghost Love Story (Part 2)

Alexxa Garcia De Marcos, Writer


As I was walking closer to her, the bell came to her rescue. She quickly packed her things and was the first to run out the door. This was the first time I had ever experienced this. Throughout the months that I’ve been here I never saw anyone else like me, as in ghosts or whatever you would call us. Sometimes I wondered to myself, did I have a reason or purpose to stay here all alone, and for how long. I knew I had to talk to her if I ever wanted to leave this place. Maybe she could be able to help me. At the end of school she was nowhere to be found, I had checked every corner including the girls bathroom, which seemed illegal, but there was still no sight of her. I decided to give it a rest and go home to my family who seemed to get worse by every hour that went by without me. Laying down on my bed I noticed nothing had been touched or removed since the day I was living. I sometimes wish I had never died.


After I saw him I decided to ditch school and head on home for the day. Was I  going crazy like everyone said I was or did I actually see a dead person. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.  Just as I was about to turn to my street I saw a bunch of flowers piled up on each other.  As I got closer I noticed that it was the guy I had seen earlier that day. The photo had a name which read Jason Moreno, It was him. As always, time flew by pretty fast and it was now Friday morning. I decided that today was the day I would face him and ask him if he knew why I was able to see him. Walking to school seemed way longer than usual especially with all my thoughts going crazy on how I would approach him. Oh well, I’ll just hope for the best.


I know I don’t have to come to school since I have no reason to be here anymore, but after knowing that someone was able to see me there was no way I would miss a single day now. Who knows, maybe I won’t be alone after all. I entered first period which was art, my favorite subject. Today they  would be drawing their self portraits with different art styles. My two main options would have either been  charcoal or white chalk. Maybe charcoal as it had always stuck out to me more. I’ve always liked the thought of being able to correct your imperfections which is probably the reason why I was going to secretly choose art for my major. After the accident happened I finally realized who my real friends were after all. Which were obviously none of them except one. His name was Ezra, I’ve known him since we were babies, as our mothers were friends before we had been born. We had been friends for as long as I can remember, but once we started highschool something about us just changed. He was awkward and dorky, like he had always been, and I was the one who failed our friendship for popularity. He had always been the bigger person and simply understood the reason why I was avoiding him. But that didn’t stop him from visiting my grave every once in a while. He’s been the only one to ever actually show up.