The Day of Freedom

Chukwuebuka Anaekwe, Writer

It was a Friday morning at 5:30 am, and I felt good knowing that it was my last day of school. I got up and planned on taking a shower, until my sister came up to me and said, “It’s your last day of school. You’re so lucky.” 

I responded by saying, “Yea.”,while knowing that I had P.E., computers, and Spanish. Today’s gonna be an easy day. So, I went to finish the stuff I had waiting for me. It was around 7:30 am when I noticed that I was pretty off schedule. Swiftly walked over to my friend’s house and we arrived at school around 7:55 am. Yes, 12 o’clock dismissal. We need to end off strong. Then, a random thought popped up. The time when I had my English finals and heard my dad calling me when I was asleep in English class. I shook in my seat, waking up from a hallucination. Man, that rose my heartbeat to like 120 beats per minute. I remembered me saying, “Huh!” in class, and I felt embarrassed, not knowing I was still in class. Wondered why that thought came up at that moment. Was it because I was tired, or just something to have on my mind?

It was time for P.E. One more year and we are done with P.E. We did our usual thing for the day, then played Tug Of War. I had to play at the end of our team’s side of the rope because I had a better chance of our class winning. We won a couple of rounds. But, Mr. Kircher’s girls’ section beat our girls’ division. It’s fair because they had a couple better females on their team. It was time for Spanish. I entered the class nervous but confident. We got this. We will possibly get a C at least. She arranged us alphabetically, passed out the test, and got ready to start. Scanning through the test, I realized it was over 100 questions. OVER 100 QUESTIONS! WHAT!! I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS! So, I took the test, kinda guessed a bit and got a B on it, but I was surprised that I didn’t fail it because I had a feeling that I was going to fail. 

It was time for Computers and man, it was so much fun. We watched a movie called: “A Life on Our Planet.” You knew you fell asleep, don’t lie saying it was interesting when you missed a couple minutes of the movie. Well, yeah, I slept because I was tired, and I still managed to get the work done correctly. In the last couple of minutes in class, we have a ton of people taking group pics and others saying goodbye to their friends that ended up not coming this school year.  

It was dismissal time and we were excited. A few minutes later we got dismissed, a boy asked a girl out on the last day of school, and I was surprised at why they chose to do that on their last day of being in HMSA. How could one have the confidence to do that with over 200 students watching? I didn’t know how to think about it, but it just happened. Finally, I could go home and relax. My friend’s mom comes a couple minutes later and we leave, happy we have a break from school. Took about 11 minutes to arrive home. I ended up at home around 1:40 something and just started editing for an hour and 30 minutes. I felt bored so I got a snack, and then, I went to get my switch to start playing Fortnite. Raged a bit. It was time for dinner around 6-7pm when my siblings came back from afterschool program. I don’t remember what I ate. Finished eating and continued playing. It was 8:30 pm, bored from playing Fortnite. I went to take a shower and came back to play Paladins until around 9:30 pm. I ended up sleeping at 9:40ish and called it a day of freedom.