Video Editing on Mobile for Beginners

Chukwuebuka Anaekwe, Writer

Have you ever wanted to get into editing? Especially video editing?


We would start off with raw footage(s) you recorded. We can start with CapCut, a free video editing software for both iOS and Android.

So, first off, you create a project. Then, you will select your raw footage(s) and press add. Select your footage in order so you wouldn’t have to worry about dragging them later on.

There, you will see all your footage(s) on the timeline. After that, you will add your music. If you ever use copyrighted audio, make sure you add the links to the videos you used. Most music still allows you to use it without credits, as long as you don’t claim the music as your own.  CapCut has their own sounds you could use that are usable too. Just something that matches the vibe of your video.

Next, you will add transitions. To add transitions, you will need to click on the white box in between the different splitted footage. Then, you choose which transitions you’d want to use.

If you want to, you can add color correction. CapCut already has color filters you can use, but, if you don’t like them, then just create your own in the adjust section. Then, you can add motion blur (a new feature that was recently added) to give it a feeling of action and make the video/footage feel smoother. The recommended amount of blend to add is 6 and 10-13 is recommended for blur. Now, you export your video at 2k/4k and frame rate 60 for better resolution. Be aware that the higher the quality, the longer the exporting time. Then, your video should be ready for posting.