The Diminishment of Marvel Movies

The Diminishment of Marvel Movies

Earl Coker, Writer

The Establishment of Marvel

We all heard of Marvel movies from a few different ways: social media, friends, etc. Marvel is one of the biggest producers of superhero films, stepping into movie production with Phase One of its movies, those being The Avengers, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Thor. People were astonished with these movies so much so that the Avengers received a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes both by critics and the audience. It seems people took a real interest in them, and over the years, Marvel has gained loads of fans. As of now though, there’s been a drop in the enjoyment of Marvel movies.

Marvel’s Change In Development

Every business wants to see money and growth, and Marvel makes a lot of money off their franchises and has seen a lot of growth in the popularity of their movies. But in the newest phases, starting with Phase Three, we can see a downturn in movie production with Marvel movies and TV shows. Marvel has moved from quality over quantity to quantity over quality. They are now mass producing movies and lots of TV shows. They have noticed people would watch anything they make leading to the quality of their content decreasing. There’s been complaints that the CGI is terrible since the CGI artists are overworked and pressured to meet due dates just days after work is assigned. Sources show an ex-Marvel VFX artist even addressed this in an interview stating, “the studio forces effects houses to produce high-quality results in short deadlines; and will also ask for VFX on reshoots very close to release, causing the artists to be overworked and generally understaffed.” The full interview can be found at “Fandomwire Interview by Nikhil Makwana


Marvel’s Attempt to Do Comedy

Marvel has been trying to appeal to a younger audience which sounds like a good idea but it isn’t really. They make horrible jokes they think a young people would laugh at but the thing is they don’t. These jokes also take away from the overall seriousness of the film, an example of this would be when Thor was fighting but in the middle of the fight he says a really bad joke that just ruins the overall mood of the scene. Marvel’s take on comedy has a 60% chance of actually being funny and a 40% chance of ruining that part of the movie. So much so that the younger generation they are trying to appeal to have even made jokes about how Marvel does this on social media.


Marvel’s Current Status

After years of Marvel doing great and building an incredible fanbase, they are starting to disappoint. So many were thrilled in the past, but a lot more are now disappointed due to the overall quality of the films and this is because the workers are being overworked so that Marvel can release more content for more profit. Another reason people are losing interest is because the movies and TV shows also suffer from poorly timed comedy.  So Marvel should go back to quality over quantity so the quality of their CGI can increase, and they should stop trying to insert unnecessary comedic elements into the films.