Free Dress Q&A with Vice Principal Dr. Matsumoto

Uyi Isibor, Opinions Section Co-Editor

To tuck or not to tuck that is the question that students at HMSA choose every day when they pass the front gate. Uniforms have been a hot topic in school worldwide. Uniforms started in 1222 in England when the Bishop of Canterbury made kids wear an outfit called a Cappa.

The Hawthorne School District mandated uniforms in 2019 but HMSA has mandated them since the first year of its existence. Uniforms have come a long way but there is starting to become resentment for this school mandate as the newer generation is questioning the reason for having uniforms. Here are some popular questions that students here at HMSA have and are being answered by Vice Principal Matsumoto.

(Dr. Matsumoto’s answers are in Italics)

What is the importance of tucking in your shirt?

A tucked in shirt gives a polished appearance and sends a message that the student is professional, dressed appropriately and ready to learn.


What is your position on uniforms and why?

I agree with the uniform requirement. I believe it creates a better environment for learning and minimizes distractions. Students do have opportunities to express themselves through various free dress days, theme days and spirit week. 


How do uniforms make me safe?

Uniforms create a safer school environment since people who should not be on campus can easily be identified.


What is the importance of wearing a Belt?

A belt completes the look and also prevents pants from sagging if it’s a looser style. 


Do you believe uniforms hinders students’ expression and what can people do to express themselves?

I believe that there are many other ways students can express themselves. Following a dress code does NOT have to hinder one’s ability for expressing themselves. 


What are the benefits of having a uniform at school?

The benefits to school uniforms include the breakdown of barriers, reduces distractions, can be more affordable for families, and increases community in the school among peers. There are less opportunities for students to judge others based on clothing since everyone follows the same guidelines. 


Are there any changes that you would make to our school uniform?

Right now, I don’t see any changes needing to be made.