Verbose History

Noah Lima, Writer

Big words are great when you know what they are. But what happens when you don’t even know what it means? Does a vast hole in space open and suck the world into an endless void, inside a deep abyss where you will drown forever? Or will you look up what that word means? Only you can know what actions you will take to forgo the future. Maybe we can joke around with the proficiency of your knowledge, or the apprehension you neglect? Your choice. I will admit, this whole news story is just me blithering and babbling about things with the thought of big words in mind. So, I dearly anticipate that you will at least learn a new word or two.

 Let us first initiate with a mellow and miniature segment, and why don’t we commence with the dawn of homosapien. Around approximately 5 million years ago, the initial homosapien came into fruition. Throughout time, the homosapien species has progressed and advanced into the fabrication of the bygone known as Mesopotamia. This primordial time before this civilization was lawless and raw, until the man named Hammurabi came and made laws and guidelines. Soon after, newer and advanced civilizations sprouted and also introduced the cultivation of “law”.

As people cultivate and flourish, advancements are met and they begin to “modernize”. The modernization that we know is the establishment of countries and nations, allies and enemies. As the march of time moves on, we will slowly tread upon its tracks; simply trampling on mountains and oceans with intentions most humans don’t know or have yet to realize. Nevertheless, us humans will continue to meet expectations and move on. And as we complete those goals, we of course have our domestic problems as a race. We have accords; we have confrontations. We have conflicts; we have reconciliation. 

From the depths of the hadal oceans to the blissful skies above, the world evolves. And as evolution continues, we humans will, as well. As far as we can go from here is a mystery, but we know for sure that, as time passes, we will grow as a species.