The Meaning behind a Demon Slayer’s Mark (Spoiler Warning)

Chukwuebuka Anaekwe, Writer

Have you ever wondered about the markings on the Demon Slayer’s character…?

Well, look no further, I’ve got that information for you! A demon’s slayer’s mark is related to the bearing of their breathing style. So, for someone like Tanjiro, his mark is on his head towards the right side and has a resemblance to fire, since it connects to his Sun breathing style. The requirement to receive a demon slayer mark is they must survive a life threatening event with an increasing heartbeat of 200 bpm and a temperature of 102 Fahrenheit or over.

How Tanjiro Got His Mark

He got his mark from the bleeding after his head got hit hard by a tree.

The picture below links to a YouTube video that shows how his head got his scar.


The cause of his bleeding was that he was punched hard in his left rib by the demon named “Hands Demon”. The demon’s power is that he can have about 8 hands and has extremely powerful hits, but he can be easily killed since he is not one of the top 12 demons like  Daki, Gyutaro, Akaza, Kokushibo, and many others. 

This demon was kept away by Urokodaki, Tanjiro’s master, who taught him Total Concentration, a breathing technique people use in real life. It’s called a 4-7-8 breathing or “box breathing”, which can help boost performance for everyone who tries it. Box Breathing is used to help improve concentration but, if you use it instead of a normal breathing, you can normally feel dizzy. If that occurs, you should just continue doing normal breathing until you feel like you can practice box breathing again.  


Why didn’t Rengoku get his Mark when fighting Akaza?

Afterwards, Rengoku went against Akaza. He was left with an open stomach and died during that scene. Akaza is a Upper Three demon. The rankings of demons start off from just a normal demon to the Twelve Kizuki, who have six lower and upper ranks. But, the reason Rengoku didn’t get his mark yet is still being investigated. Most people say that Rengoku could have gotten his mark if Tanjiro awakened his mark near Rengoku. Yoriichi mentioned before that when a person awakens their mark it’s then passed down to people who show true power.Yoruichi was one of the first people to get their mark, which is why he is an important character. 


Clarifications Which Many Don’t Know 

“What might have given Rengoku his mark?”

Well, if Tanjiro wasn’t stabbed by the train attendant, he would have possibly awakened his mark, which would have helped aid Rengoku throughout the fight.

“The show mentions Yoriichi saying something about their mark passing from person to person. Why is that?”

After Yoriichi’s brother was born, he had a mark on his right forehead and they suspected it just to be a birthmark, but later when he grew up, he learned that it was inherited from Yoriichi. When Yoriichi became older, he understood that the mark was only passed on from person to person if the person who inherited it awakened their mark and passed it on to other people qualified to awaken their mark.