Moon Goddess


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.

Natasha (Tarot) Esparza

No repentance is needed to forgive your sins.
For you, my dear,
I will plead instead.
There is no other being I would worship as such.
Call forth your disciple,
The vessel set forth to honor your presence.


I will do it all for you,
My beacon of darkness in this never-ending sea of light.


Accept my offerings.
Lay me upon your altar.
Take the blade and pierce my heart.
Tear my eyes from their sockets.
And when I can no longer promise sacrifice,
Take from me my last breath instead.


Will you do the same in return?
Will you forget the moon and allow me to be the stars which remain?
Will you live life in blindness for me?
Or will you steal my eyes once you’ve torn out your own?


Tell me,
My goddess,
The moon to my skies,
When my body rests upon your altar,
When my blood stains the stone,
When you pull my beating heart from my chest, and my blood runs down your arm,
Will your sight then be restored?
Will you have then accounted for your actions?