Can You Handle Living on Mars for the Rest of Your Life?


Jamey Castro, Writer

Humans have dreamed of going to Mars for so long. Constant theories of the planet such as the possibility of life on there. They say there was once life, and it’s no surprise since it’s the only other planet that has similarities close to Earth. If there was once something worth living on that planet, who is there to say there couldn’t be more possibilities for life there in the future? 

For years humanity has been obsessed with getting people past the boundaries of the Earth. We’ve gone to space, the moon, so it’s no surprise that our next stop is Mars. These past few decades, scientists have been working hard to learn more about The Red Planet and how to safely get people there. 

Although there have been announced projects set on this idea, they aren’t always reliable or true. A good example of this is Mars One Mission. They have been “planning” a mission to Mars for years and people still seem to support them. Their plans were to send people to Mars by 2023 and they want to have a permanent settlement. Their Website states that anyone can go to Mars and you’re able to apply to see if you qualify. As it seems literally anyone above the age of 18 can go, but that doesn’t sound too promising. In fact, it sounds very unsafe and irresponsible. 

We all know that not anyone can go to Mars; you have to be trained and prepared for it. Better yet we still don’t have the proper technology for humans to go. We’re not that advanced yet. Even so, people still fell for this scam. They gained so much money and supporters, it’s really disappointing to see that they aren’t and won’t get anywhere anytime soon. 

But hey! Let’s look on the bright side, right?

There have been rumors circulating that Nasa’s mission is to send a group of astronauts to Mars in the 2030s. It seems to be a little too soon, but the date is not entirely impossible.

The real concerns here are the astronauts. Are they planning to bring them back if the mission is a success? 

Well.. no. 

Once they are sent there, they stay there with no return. Living on this dusty rocky planet until the day they die. It’s something horrifying really, and since it’s the first time the human race is doing this, there will obviously be plenty of difficulties to go on with this mission.

And knowing that they won’t be able to come back to their hometown, will the astronauts be able to handle it? 

Nasa has been working with the astronauts that are going to Mars for a while now. They go through a lot of intense training for the harsh conditions and they are also getting prepared for how they will live their day-to-day life. Not only are the astronauts preparing for their trip physically, but they are also preparing themselves mentally. The astronauts will spend their days researching what they find on Mars, exploring the planet, and thinking of home.

When you think about it, it’s a pretty terrible way to die. You will never be able to see your family ever again, you can’t meet new people, there are no pets you can have to be able to bring you comfort, and you will have the same teammates for the rest of your life. 

The thought of something happening to your teammates one by one and you being the only one to endure it all, is… well it a disturbing thought. 

These are only the social issues that the astronauts will face. If one thing goes wrong, then there’s practically no escaping it. We believe that no amount of training and preparation can really prepare a person for what the astronauts will face on Mars. 

For now, only time will tell what will happen to these astronauts. They are going to make history and change the way we think about space. They will do very important work in order for scientists to find out what is out there and they will also be able to understand Mars better. Maybe one day we’ll be able to visit Mars without the worry of leaving everything behind.