Improving Habits

Emma Castaneda, Editor

A lot of people deal with bad habits, and they go their whole life having those habits because they don’t know how to overcome them. Of course, it is not easy to push forward and get rid of those bad habits, but there are many who do and are living a very productive life. Once we know that we have a bad habit, we start to notice it more and try to stop, but it’s not easy to overcome those habits. There is not just one bad habit out there, but a whole lot, like procrastination and over-stressing. These are just a few common habits. Now, let’s see different ways that may help get rid of them!

  1. Procrastination is a common bad habit. This is when you push something that you have to do for another day because you believe that you can do it whenever you want as long as it’s done before it’s due. Like with any habit, this is hard to break. So here are some ways to break this bad habit:
    • You can minimize your distractions
      • Put your phone somewhere nowhere near you, or give it to someone you trust so you won’t use it
      • Find a quiet place to work or a place with very few distractions
    • Focus on taking just one step at a time
      • Like with homework, just look at one problem at a time instead of the whole page
      • Break the whole page into parts to feel more motivated after you get to finish one of the parts
    • Encourage yourself throughout with a reward
      • Once you finish a part or half of it, give yourself a break as a reward or whatever you view a reward
      • If you give yourself a bigger reward once you are finished with the assignment as a whole, you will be more motivated to finish

These are just a few ways to help you slowly get rid of procrastination, just one of the few bad habits out there.

  1. Being overly stressed is another bad habit that is also very common. Overly stressing yourself is when you emotionally or physically overstrain yourself. This can affect your health, which shows that it’s not a good habit to have, but a lot of people do deal with this. Well, here are some ways to deal with this bad habit:
    • Meditate
      • Sit in a comfortable position while not laying down
      • Relax and control your breath while clearing your mind
    • Write things down
      • Get a piece of paper and just write your thoughts
      • Try to figure out what is stressing you
        • If it is bad then rip up the paper afterward and get rid of the stress
        • If you write good things, keep it and then look at it every time you are stressed out. Or, write new things
    • Spend time with people
      • Spend time with family or friends that will make you happy and do something fun 
      • Talk to them about what is stressing you out if you are comfortable

These are just some ways to reduce stress. There are many ways that may help you personally with your stress depending on your level of stress.

As we all know, these are just two common bad habits that many have, and there are many ways to overcome them. If you take your time to power through these habits over time, you will overcome them. Remember, overcoming a bad habit is not solved overnight. Remember there are over hundreds of bad habits out there. These are only two, so if you don’t think that these are the bad habits you are dealing with, then look online and find the one that you are dealing with to find a way to help you get rid of the habit. All in all, just know you are not the only one that deals with bad habits – you can overcome anything!