Dream State

Valeria Arroyo and Jamey Castro

Dreams are always found in the subconscious part of your brain – you always have them. Even when you think you don’t, you do. They can last from a few seconds up to half an hour, and you can have multiple dreams per night. They are always connected or related to a memory you’ve had, along with the people you see in them. It is said that each person you see in your dream is someone you’ve seen at least once in your life: the best of your friends, well-known family members, or a random stranger you just happened to cross one time and never saw again.

Something interesting in dreams is that if you pay attention to them, you can see some symbolism of sorts. These types of things are rumored to help you in your journey of life, find out what is bothering you, give a better understanding of yourself, and even help you solve a conflict in your life. They are merely inner thoughts, but it can change you and how you view things.

There are so many different types of dreams and each type of dream can have a different meaning. These are a few examples of different dreams you can have or have had:



Almost everyone has had a nightmare before, and these dreams can mess with you sometimes. Many things can contribute to someone having a nightmare. For example, if you’re stressed about something, then that can cause a nightmare. Other things that can contribute to this is being on certain medications, alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, and anxiety. Oftentimes nightmares are connected to your emotions. For instance, if you dream that you are being chased, it can mean that you are avoiding something. Whether it’s an issue, a person, or a feeling. Or if you dream that you are drowning, it can be because you are feeling overwhelmed.


Lucid Dreams-

Lucid dreaming is when you have a dream and are aware of it. Most of the time, you’re able to control what happens in the dream and change the plot. Not everyone experiences lucid dreaming, but those who do usually experience it more than once. It’s a very unique experience, but sometimes it can take a turn and become something very unpleasant.

Lucid dreaming also gives off a sense that you are in a different universe. It can be possible that your subconscious has traveled to a different dimension and is experiencing their world. Although that is a theory, it is a very fascinating one.

Even if lucid dreaming is considered safe, it can also be harmful to those with horrible mental health, as it can be very draining and not give you much rest. It can also interrupt your sleep, but that isn’t the worst possible scenario. The worst that can happen is that it can cause sleep paralysis, a state where you can’t move while something unnerving is happening around you.


Day Dreams-

Many of us have had daydreams before: thinking of what we’ll have for lunch or about that one embarrassing moment that happened four years ago. As the name suggests, this happens during the day when you are awake. Sometimes it feels like it’s just a thought but there are also moments where the dream is very vivid, even though your eyes are open and you’re doing something else – it’s like getting lost in thought. There are some cases where daydreaming can take over your daily life and interrupt your schedules. Some say that if you daydream too much it can be because of a mental illness, while others say it isn’t that serious but can be quite healthy for you.


False Awakening Dreams-

Ever wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, get ready for school, and head out the door only to wake up in bed again? Well, that’s a false awakening dream – a very annoying kind of dream, in my opinion. Nearly all the time you won’t know you’re dreaming and that will be a very confusing start to your morning. This is kind of like lucid dreaming, but there are ways to know if you’re dreaming. Next time this happens, try to look in the mirror: oftentimes, your complexion will be distorted.


Recurring Dreams-

This is when you have the same dream multiple times. People say it can either be a good or a bad thing and that you should take it as a sign or message. It is believed to tell you that there is something unresolved, and if you don’t resolve it, you will keep having that dream until you fix whatever is giving you that dream.


Flying/ Falling Dreams-

This is also considered an annoying dream because you can either dream that you’re falling or flying. When dreaming of falling, it can be falling to your death or falling down the stairs. Either way, you’re woken up by a jump and it’s pretty terrifying.

There is also a belief saying that angels are picking you up but continuously drop you on your way to Heaven. Either that or they realized it isn’t your time yet and let you go with your soul falling in an endless loop until it finally lands back to your body.

When you have a dream where you can fly, many people say that they have trouble staying up in the air and that it gets exhausting trying to fly.


Psychological Dreams-

These are dreams that just seem like chaos because it’s all over the place and very abnormal. This usually happens to people with mental disorders or those who have extreme anxiety and stress. Like mentioned before, they are chaotic, full of images, memories, or ideas that are perhaps visual representations of your emotions. They all don’t make much sense, but therapists usually prefer to analyze these types of dreams to get a better understanding of their patients.


Getting Scientific:

There are four stages when you fall asleep: Stage 1 (drowsiness), Stage 2 (light sleep), Stage 3-4, and Stage 5 ( REM sleep). You can have a dream no matter what stage you are in, but usually, Stages 3 and 4 are where you get more vivid dreams like nightmares. Stage 5 is the stage where you dream the most. You are completely relaxed and have Rapid Eye Movement (REM) which causes you to get a lot of dreams. The other stages won’t give you big heart pumping dreams, and you’ll most likely not remember these dreams.


Dreams and The Future?!

Few people experience this type of dream. It’s called precognitive dreaming and it’s where you dream of a moment in time and later that dream comes true. Most of the time, it’s a meaningless moment: you’re walking to school, sending a text, or talking to someone. But there are times when it’s an important event in your life, like dreaming of a house and then it turns out it’s the house your parents are going to buy or seconds before getting some of the greatest news of your life. This type of dream can vary a lot too: some people can remember their dream and others can’t until it’s happening whereas some can feel when it’s about to happen and they can predict every single little detail while to others, it just hits them.

There have been many stories where people have experienced this. It’s like constant deja vu, something very familiar to them. Yet it isn’t a feeling, it’s an experience – they’ve done it before and they know it. It’s very common yet so rare, giving us a sense that the future is real and there are ways to predict it – something is just getting in the way.