Cuties: Nothing More Than A Bad Idea


Guillermo Orozco, Comic Artist

This comic follows the “Guy gets kicked out of the building for coming up with a bad idea” format, but with a twist. With the pandemic overtaking the best of us, people have settled down on their couches to watch Netflix (which is nothing new). What is new, and rightfully disgusting, is the series “Cuties” that was basically a bunch of 7-year-olds shaking what they don’t have. Not only was this a horrible idea that should have stayed in the drafts, but it’s also against the law. That series most certainly fell under child pornography and the fact that the idea went as far as production really puts Netflix under the spotlight. 

It has since been taken down and the company has apologized for their actions but in all honesty, that worker should have followed the format and been thrown out the building, not promoted…