2020 NFL SEASON (WEEK 1-3)

Anup Gurung, Writer

Week 1

The first week of games for the NFL kicked off with a dominant victory by the Kansas City Chiefs over the Houston Texans (30-24), led by Patrick Mahomes. The Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen put down the New York Jets with an electric offense(27-17), as opposed to the sluggish team the Bills were last year. The Green Bay Packers won against the Minnesota Vikings in a shootout(43-34), further cementing Aaron Rodgers’s legacy as one the best quarterbacks in the league. The reigning MVP Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens demolished the Cleveland Browns(38-6). The Las Vegas Raiders displayed a strong running game against the Carolina Panthers(34-30). The Chicago Bears hope to get back on their feet as they squeeze past the Detroit Lions(27-23). The Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson make quick work of the Atlanta Falcons(38-25). The new-look New England Patriots, now led by Cam Newton, won against the questionable Miami Dolphins(21-11). The Los Angeles Chargers barely survived against Cincinnati Bengals and rookie, Joe Burrow, who had a promising debut(16-13). Future Hall of Famers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady, clash in a matchup where the New Orleans Saints end up on top of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers(32-23). Coming back from his injury, Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ dominant defense lead the team past the New York Giants(26-16). And the Tennessee Titans managed to beat out the Denver Broncos(16-14).

There were 3 games this week that could be seen as upsets. The Washington Football Team destroyed the Philadelphia Eagles in a game that was dictated by the failure of the Eagles’ offense(27-17). The Jacksonville Jaguars, regarded by many critics as the worst team prior to the start of the season, ran over the Indianapolis Colts(27-20). The Arizona Cardinals, who were in the last place in their division last year, beat the Super Bowl 54 contenders, the San Francisco 49ers(24-20). Lastly, the Los Angeles Rams stunned “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys, in their new Inglewood stadium(20-17).


Week 2

Week 2 of the NFL went underway as the winless Browns and Bengals fought in a shootout. Rookie Joe Burrow executed a strong performance but fell short as the Bengals lost (30-35). The Giants look sloppy in their loss against the Bears who surprisingly jumped to a 2-0 start (13-17). Jared Goff solidifies himself as a starting quarterback with 3 TDs against the Eagles as the Rams destroy the Eagles (37-19). The Cowboys lead a shocking comeback to slip past the Falcons who look lost in the 4th quarter(39-40). Tampa Bay’s new running back, Leonard Fournette makes a splash against the Panthers and seals the game (31-17). The shorthanded 49ers beat the Jets despite Darnold’s solid outing (31-13). The Broncos lose their rising young quarterback, Drew Lock, in a loss to the Steelers (21-26). The Titans duo of Tannehill and Henry beat the Jaguars (33-30). Aaron Jones scored 3 TDS as the Packers demolished the Lions (42-21). Bill’s Josh Allen looks like a potential MVP candidate with his strong display in the win against the Dolphins (31-28). Colts stun the Vikings, whose quarterback, Kirk Cousins, played one of the worst games of his career (28-11). The Cardinals demonstrate their electric offense in a win against the Washington Football Team (30-15). The Texans offense failed to produce in their loss against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens (16-33). The Chiefs managed to beat the Chargers as the rookie quarterback, Justin Herbert made his debut. Russell Wilson carries the Seahawks over the Patriots in an entertaining offensive battle(35-30). The Raiders prove the haters wrong as Derek Carr beats out Drew Brees (34-24).

What could be said about week 2 was that it was littered with injuries. Some injuries include Saquon Barkley’s, who is now out for the year with an ACL tear, Christian McCaffery’s high ankle sprain puts him out for 4-6 weeks, Drew Lock’s rotator cuff injury, WR Courtland Sutton’s season-ending ACL and MCL injury. Since week 1, a total of 303 players have been injured. Some minor, some drastic. The vast amount of players sidelined with injury will certainly change the final standings.



Week 3  started with the Dolphins and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s near-perfect performance in the win against the Jaguars(31-13). The injured 49ers and backup QB Nick Mullens destroy the Giants(36-9). The Browns take advantage of Washington’s Dwayne Haskins 3 interception game and win (34-20). Surprisingly, the Eagles and Bengals tied, in what seemed like a strong performance by the Bengals as the Eagles offense again suffered under Carson Wentz (23-23). Carr’s solid outing wasn’t enough for the Raiders as they lost to the Patriots (20-36). The Bears continue their surprising start to the season as Nick Foles comes back against the Falcons (30-26). The Bills blow a 28-3 lead to the Rams, but red-hot Josh Allen seals the win (35-32). The Steelers remain undefeated after their win against the Texans (28-21). The Titans barely survive the Vikings and Kirk Cousins’ shaky performance(31-30). The Panthers steal a win from the Chargers although QB Justin Herbert is making steps in the right direction (21-16). The Colts rolled over the Jets and Sam Darnold’s 3 interception game (36-7). Russell Wilson’s case for MVP becomes even stronger as he throws for 5 touchdown passes and 0 interceptions in a win over the Cowboys (38-31). The Lions manage to contain the Cardinals’ offense and force Kyler Murray to turn the ball 3 times (26-23). Tom Brady shows the NFL that he’s got more left in a definite victory over the Broncos (28-10). Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees engage in a shootout with 3 touchdowns each, with the Packers reigning over (37-30). Lastly, 2 MVPs, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson duel it out in a game where the Chiefs defense were able to hold Jackson and take the win (34-20).



  • The first 3 weeks of the NFL were filled with shocks, disappointments, and promises for the future.
  • Biggest Shocks: Bears take a 3-0 start and Washington leads a weak NFC East despite their 1-2 record.
  • Biggest DIsappointments: Vikings, Falcons, Texans, Broncos, all teams with strong offenses start out winless (0-3).
  • Injuries littered the league, with many big names being taken out for the season.
  • NFL MONTH 1 MVP: Russell Wilson
  • Teams to watch: Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks






  • 1) Seattle Seahawks
  • 2) Green Bay Packers
  • 3) Los Angeles Rams
  • 4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 5) Dallas Cowboys
  • 6) Arizona Cardinals
  • 7) San Francisco 49ers
  • 8) New Orleans Saints
  • 9) Washington Football Team 
  • 10) Chicago Bears
  • 11) Atlanta Falcons
  • 12) Philadelphia Eagles
  • 13) Minnesota Vikings
  • 14) Carolina Panthers
  • 15) Detroit Lions
  • 16) New York Giants



  • 1) Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2) Baltimore Ravens
  • 3) Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 4) Buffalo Bills
  • 5) Tennessee Titans
  • 6) New England Patriots
  • 7) Indianapolis Colts
  • 8) Las Vegas Raiders
  • 9) Cleveland Browns
  • 10) Los Angeles Chargers 
  • 11) Houston Texans
  • 12) Miami Dolphins
  • 13) Cincinnati Bengals
  • 14) Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 15) Denver Broncos
  • 16) New York Jets