Black History Month-Poets

Johanna Navarrete, Writer

In honor of Black History Month, here are some African-American poets you may or may not know about for you to enjoy: 


Langston Hughes 

He’s most commonly known for writing about the struggles and frustrations of black life. His most famous poem is “A Dream Deferred”.

Come learn more about James Baldwin. The Paris Review conducted an interview with James Baldwin. Learn more about his stories, struggles and experience as a gay African-American in a conservative America. 
“What reading slowly taught me about writing” –Jacqueline Woodson

Want to get to know Jacqueline Woodson? Her life story? Her aspiration for writing? Well to get started click here. On her website, you can listen to her Ted talk, read her poems, and start to read some of her best books. 

He was born in East Harlem, New York City. His parents were affiliated with the Black Panther Party. His whole life he was surrounded by gangsters and family members with a criminal history. He’s most famous for his music which was different from other rappers. Most people don’t even know that he was a poet as well.

Read about his poems by clicking here Tupac Shakur .

Read the heart wrenching poems of an incredibly educated man who fought in WWII and who fought against racism. His poems tackle the hardships of the black community and, although just once, mourned his only son through his poem “Deadly James (For All Victims of Police Brutality).” He is also known for creating an odd new form of poetry mostly described as jazz haiku.

The one. The only. James A. Emanuel