Calling all Love Stories: Sergio Morales

“Once upon a time, a movie studio called Paramount released a trailer for a new movie called “Sonic The Hedgehog”. It turns out they did Sonic wrong… TERRIBLY wrong. So, we, the Sonic-loving community, called out Paramount for messing up our beloved speedy blue blur. Then, much to everyone’s surprise, Paramount listened to the community and decided to redesign Sonic.

As Sonic was getting his glow-up, another movie studio, Universal, revealed their trailer for “Cats”, and it was *breath in* ABYSMAL. However, when the people called out Universal, there was no response from the studio, leading to a terrible release of the actual “Cats” movie. As for Paramount, they revealed the redesigned Sonic The Hedgehog… and we were all happy. For once, we felt loved by a movie studio, who finally put money aside to show some love to the community who are excited to see their movie. In conclusion, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG THIS VALENTINE’S DAY! (Asking your crush out is cool, but everyone does it on 2/14 so it ain’t THAT unique). Thanks guys!”

Love, Sergio