Valentine’s Day: Yay or Nay?

Yumna Hussain, Writer

Am I for or against Valentine’s day? I definitely believe the day contains a balance of improving relationships and/ or even turning them around. The aspect of gift giving and going out for a date is sweet, but shouldn’t be mandatory. Everyday is a day to improve relationships with one another and this should be taken into consideration. Although most people like the idea of Valentine’s day, it’s also become a type of custom and competition. If in a relationship, then the person feels obligated to respect the gift giving traditions of this day. Social media also plays a huge role in persuading teens and young adults to spend unnecessary money just to “prove” their love for their significant other. Many times, people feel the need to purchase expensive, out of their budget items to help glorify this day. We should all consider accepting one another without the piles of materialistic things they offer us. Another label given to this day is the fact that one must have a bf/ gf in order to celebrate this day, the aspect of it being about love and appreciation is completely vanished. Why can’t people celebrate with family, siblings, friends, and/ or anyone they love. Since most people feel obligated to buy gifts, the original aspect of giving someone a present with their heart is lost. 

It may seem like i hate this day, but i just wanted to give my suggestions on how to make ourselves more open-minded, There are many things about February 14th that are genuinely heartwarming. I really like the pink and red color theme, it’s definitely a nice portrayal and welcome of love. Also, it’s in February, the second month of the year, and it helps start the year off with improving any relationship that might’ve fallen apart. The day also helps reconnect oneself with any loved one we want to reach out to.  There are many activities such as: spending time with one another, taking out of our busy schedules to show others we care about them, and maybe even cooking for one another. There is so much more to this day than spending money; people of all ages can make homemade gifts, watch a romantic movie, calling loved ones to check up on them, and so much more! Children can celebrate with their parents, siblings can celebrate with one another, friends can celebrate with other friends, and of course, spouses can enjoy the day together with one another. This day is to show our love for all the people we’re passionate to have in our lives. Moreover, the day helps single people become more confident and accepting of themselves. Often times, I’ve seen a positive impact on the people that are single. They share their values and what they want in a significant other and end up connecting with someone. This day is unpredictable for everyone and can bring any change to our lives.