The Battle for LA

Eghosa Isibor and Chimee Ezike

     Lights, Camera, Basketball. This upcoming basketball season may very well be the best we’ve seen in LA in the past decade. The Clippers and the Lakers both have added superstars to their rosters. All Stars such as Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard will all be given the task of leading their team to success.

    The Clippers have been doing extremely well: the past 6 years they’ve only missed the playoffs once. This is great and all, but their attendance still tends to be less than the Lakers, even though they are in the same stadium and win more games. This year though, is different, Kawhi, a championship winner, decided to come home and take his talents to the Clippers. Kawhi is undoubtedly a tremendous addition, but he didn’t come alone. Former Oklahoma City forward, Paul George, requested a trade which ultimately led to Kawhi’s decision in the first place. Surprisingly, both will be taking their talents to LA this season. All of this is great, but big brother (Lakers) are still in town.

    It’s about time. After years and years of losing seasons, disappointments, and missing the playoffs, the Lakers are hopefully back on track. With the addition of arguably the best big man in basketball, the Lakers hope to not only compete this year but to win it all. Anthony Davis, a 25ppg 15rb threat,may be able to will power this team on his own. This year key experienced players have been added and are  expected to play a huge role this season. 

   The Staples Center will be the most entertaining it has been in a while and we’re all here for it, but who will be better? One team is looking to have the best defense in the entire league with a masterful coach as the driver and the other has a winning record for championships.