The Lovely Bones

Photo courtesy of: Nuria Kenya

Photo courtesy of: Nuria Kenya

Jessenia Herrera, Writer/Photographer

As my eyes skimmed down the last page, page 328, of The Lovely Bones, I inhaled a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

I had finished the what-had-felt-like excruciatingly long book. The Lovely Bones required you to read at a delicate and slow pace. This wasn’t a book you get sucked into or get extreme adrenaline from. This was a book that made you tired and emotionally exhausted. It could at times be a bore even. 

But what made this book have such an impact on me was reading Susie Salmon’s innocent perspective from heaven. Reading through the book as if I was Susie Salmon and I was looking at the persistence of my father trying to catch my killer, my mother slowly spiralling out of control, my sister experiencing all the things I didn’t get to experience, and my killer planning his next victim, gave me the urge to complete the book. This a book that has you stopping constantly and processing what you just read. 

I persuade and push you to read this book so that you can open your mind to a new perspective on what is a possibility of happening when a 13 year old is taken from their family in a gruesome way. From my experience reading this book, I definitely recommend this breathtaking book that will rip your heart open and just maybe shift your personality just a bit.