Observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Hamna Khan, Writer

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day is widely-acknowledged all across America. This day has such great significance that most schools even give students the day off.

Every year, this day is observed on the third Monday of January. Many people give tribute to this day by writing articles, creating diverse artwork, or simply spreading the importance of Dr. King on the history of black rights.

To commemorate this day, here are some of Dr. King’s greatest accomplishments during his lifetime:

• Dr. King was awarded many medals throughout his life for his work, including the Nobel Peace Prize, the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album, along with many others.


• His very well-known and iconic march to Washington, where he delivered his speech “I Have a Dream,” served as a motivational and inspirational speech to many people worldwide, and is still important, even to this day.


• His very famous Montgomery Bus boycott had extended the duration of one year. In this boycott, he protested against racial segregation in the bus systems. A fun fact is that the day this boycott was initiated was the same day that Rosa Parks refused to give up her spot on the bus.


These are just a few of Dr. King’s many accomplishments. Dr. King was largely admired for his use of non-violence to protest. He proved that the power of words outweighs that of physical power. For these reasons and more, many people genuinely appreciate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.