First Semester of High School: Freshmen Perspective

Isaac Canales and Ruth Moreno

It is 7:55, five minutes before the second bell rings. You anxiously wait to cross the street while a traffic line of cars pass by. And so, you risk it and decide to jay-walk, trying to not get noticed by Mr. Hop. You’re lucky–he’s nowhere in sight! But, right after you step on campus, you get stopped by Ms. Castellanos. OH NO!

Did you forget your student ID? No, you remember you picked it from the kitchen table. But wait, oh shoot! You remember you forgot to tuck in your shirt. You receive a warning, and you make a run for it to sign up for homework hotspot. You question your procrastination the night before you sent your essay to or to google classroom for Ms.Pham’s class.

And then… there goes the bell, just seconds before entering your class. And now, you have to walk back to the office and get a tardy slip.

By this time, you enter the office, and as you’re filling in the tardy slip, you begin to yourself, “How the heck am I going to keep up with this daily morning routine?”

These are the daily struggles that most of us freshmen have to adapt to, on our day-to-day mornings. And so, we conducted a survey for the Class of 2022 on how their first semester went. Here are the results and data we collected regarding the 1st semester, taken from the results we received from a total of 43 students.