The Ram’s Performance at Super Bowl

Jonathan Alvarez, Writer

Super Bowl 53, a perfect way of spending your Sunday afternoon watching two teams that worked so hard to get there to not score any touchdowns until the last quarter. For Rams fans, it was a major let down to see them play good through the season and get into the Super Bowl only to lose, and not put up a good enough offensive fight against the Patriots.

When looking at the game from a positive perspectives, the Rams played a well when it came to defending the Patriots’ offense. Defense is a essential part when playing a football game, but so is offense to get points. Seeing the Rams get to the end zone line to just score a field goal is good, but not as good as a touchdown. After all how do the 3 points gained from a field goal compare to the 7 points a touchdown can yield?

The Rams played a good season to get in the Super Bowl, but seeing them lose their last game of the season is disappointing to see, especially for dedicated Rams fans.