Birthday or Presidents’ Day?


Johanna Navarrete

Abraham Lincoln celebrating George Washington’s birthday

Valeria Arroyo and Jamey Castro

“Many years have passed since the government made it official to celebrate President’s Day on the third Monday of February” (Presidents Day 2019). During those years, many people didn’t take the time to get to know more about such a wondrous day, celebrating our former President George Washington’s birthday. Even though his birthday is on February 22.


The only reason most students know about it is because they see it as another day off from school: freedom from the 8 hours of knowledge shoved into their brains daily.

President’s Day will be a day to remember for many years to come, but
why exactly is it important? What makes President’s Day so special?

On President’s Day, people honor the life and work of George Washington and all the other past presidents of the United States. At some schools, there may be some lessons or activities planned for students to learn a bit about the U.S. presidents. Most notably learned about is George Washington, given his status as the first president of the United States.

Usually it’s the little ol’ elementary school students who acknowledge President’s Day. Their teacher’s give them small facts and/or color sheets to pass the time right before the school day is almost over. Some 6th grade classes are even able to watch a small documentary, while taking notes or just peacefully watching
whether it’s out of interest, or boredom.

George Washington was the president of the United States in 1789 to 1797. But why and how exactly did he become the
first President of the United States? Well thanks to technology now-a- days, who needs to go to the library to learn about him? We’ve got you covered.

People admired Washington for his brave actions as general and commander in chief of the colonial armies in the Revolutionary War (as you’ve might’ve learned in your history classes). He might have commanded a small army, but Washington was always one step ahead of the enemy. George Washington didn’t have it easy either: his army was in really bad shape at the time, his men were starving, some suffered from contagious diseases, and their feet were freezing to the point where they had to get their limbs amputated.. Even with most of his army suffering and on the verge of death, Washington kept everyone together no matter what, because teamwork is the best way to go. He was an inspiration to the army, and made them feel valuable; he was able to lead his troops to victory.

Because of all this, citizens thought Washington was presidential material; he was a great leader and a national hero. However, Washington opposed this idea at first because he didn’t want to lead a new and fragile nation that was already dividing. He also felt kind of trapped instead of feeling like a grand hero.

Presidents Day isn’t just about George Washington, it is also mainly about Abraham Lincoln! He might have not been the first, nor the second President (he was the sixteenth), but in this case, that really doesn’t matter. What matters is all the great things he’s done for our nation. Lincoln was a self taught lawyer and became a successful one at that!

Abraham Lincoln is obviously well known, as one of the greatest presidents of The United States, but how exactly did he start up to that point, into making it in almost worldwide history?

Lincoln did lead the nation through one of the bloodiest battles of all U.S history: the Civil War.


Not only that, but he tried solving the problem of slavery, by ending it as well. At the time the war was happening, he tried to focus more on it than making African Americans an equal. There were some difficulties during the war, so a certain situation made Abraham Lincoln deal with both of the problems throughout the same time! He protected escaped slaves, and supported the 13 amendment greatly!

Both were great presidential leaders in their own way, definitely worthy enough to have a holiday made entirely for them. Of course, it’s for other president’s in the United States, but George Washington and Abraham Lincoln had a bigger impact in said holiday!