The Rams

Chimee Ezike, Staff Writer

Win, after win, after win. After defeating the Saints for the NFC championship the Rams after 10 years will be returning to the Super Bowl. They will be up against the historic Super Bowl team: The Patriots. The Patriots may be their toughest challenge of the year, but they are definitely ready.

Let’s start with the amazing duo of Todd Gurley and Jared Goff. Jared Goff may be having his best season, as he has thrown over 4,888 yards, 32 touchdowns, on only 12 interceptions, and an amazing 66.2 quarterback rating in the regular season. Jared Goff by many is viewed as a top 3 quarterbacks under 25 years old. He has led and helped the Rams offensively by a huge margin, and without a doubt will help during the Super Bowl. One of the best running backs this season, Todd Gurley has been unstoppable, racking in over 1,000 yards this season. Todd has been extremely reliable for the Rams with over 15 rushing tds on 59 total receptions, and he is currently in the running for offensive player of the year. With a 13-3 record, it’s clear that Todd will bring home the award.

But enough with the offense, the reigning the defensive player of the year, Aaron Donald, is practically unblockable. He stands at 6’0 285 pounds, pushing past anyone in front of him as shown from his 20.5 sacks and 58 tackles. In fact, The Rams are 16-0 in games where Donald has a sack, and the Rams have scored TDs following all of his forced fumbles. Leader of the Rams defense, he is sure to give The Patriots a run for their money.

As of February 3, The Patriots were surprisingly able to beat the Rams in a 13-3 defensive battle. Boths teams played awful on offense, which led to many calling this one of the most boring Super Bowls of all time. There were many reasons for Rams bad offensive game including Goff having one of his worst games, Todd Gurley (an MVP candidate) not playing very long, and one of the worst showings from the offensive line, as Goff was sacked 4 times.

Goff, one of the best young quarterbacks, seemed lost. He had an abismall passing game, at half, as he went 5/12 with only 52 yards total. To put that into perspective, Edelman (Patriots Wide Receiver) had more yards than that, with 74 yards at half. As Goff finally got together in 4th quarter, he threw a game ending interception. Goff finished the game with an awful 57.9 pass rating and only 223 yards.

Todd Gurley did not get many minutes because “he was injured.” Todd was later asked after the game if he was injured, and he stated he wasn’t injured. If this is true, then that means that the Rams’ best player was not even incorporated into an offense where he was desperately needed.

In the biggest game of the season as a quarterback you need time in order to make a decision. In order to get time you need a great or acceptable offensive live that can block off your opponents defensive players from sacking you. That was not the case at all in the Super Bowl. Offensive lineman such as Austin Blythe and Rob Havenstein didn’t play very well because, as previously stated, they allowed Goff to be sacked 4 times.

All hope is not lost, the Rams are still a great team, as they still went 13-3 and made the Super Bowl. All the Rams players can learn from this game and better themselves in seasons to come. With all that being said, all teams should be prepared when they see the Rams on their schedule. Especially if they return to the Super Bowl next year.