HMSA Hosts Career Day 2019

Gifty Atanga, Opinion Section Editor

What do you want to be when you grow up? For generations, this question has plagued young adults. Some have known what they want to be for years. Others have no clue. In order to help students with this dilemma, HMSA created Career Day.

Coordinated by HMSA Counselor Ms. Julia Bui,  over fifty professionals from all over Los Angeles visited the HMSA campus on Friday, February 1. Presenters included science writers, interior designers, entrepreneurs and business owners.  Students had the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the workforce including educational expectations, career pathways, and job opportunities. HMSA alumni were among the professional, who also provided insight on life after high school.

The event was a success. Not only were students exposed to different careers, they were also given the opportunity to broaden their academic and social horizons. After Career Day, answering the long-pestered question became a bit easier.