Chiefs vs Patriots

Alyssa De La Cruz, Sports Editor

On the January 20, 2019, the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs faced off one more time. This is the second time these teams have competed against each other.

The first time they faced off, it was one the biggest games. I say that because Kansas City has probably the best rookie season quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes was drafted in Round: 1/Pick: 10, and he attended Texas Tech. But he never played his rookie season, until Kansas City traded away Alex Smith. Now, had a few new quarterbacks playing, such as Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, and Josh Allen. The difference between all of them is Patrick Mahomes isn’t a rookie, but it is his rookie SEASON. Some people may describe him as outstanding, and I agree. He has plenty of not-looking throws, amazing passing touchdowns, and other skills.

Looking at Tom Brady, there’s nothing else that you could really say about him. He’s one of the best. Tom Brady was drafted in 2000, Round: 6/Pick:199. And he’s one of the best, crazy good. To be drafted in the 6th round, yet still become of the best. Tom Brady played his first Super Bowl in 2002, and wait for it……against the Rams. Of course, that was Brady’s first win. From then now, Brady has been unstoppable. He has now 5 Super Bowl wins. He is 41 and is very successful with his career. He is considered the G.O.A.T “Greatest Of All Time”.

The game started, and Patriots score first. From there and on each team was scoring back and forth. And, the game ends up going to overtime. Patriots win the coin toss. So they start off with the ball, and a touchdown will end the game. And that’s exactly what happened: the Patriots won with their running back Burkhead running into the endzone. This is Brady’s 8th time going to the Super Bowl, and he’s trying to win his 6th Super Bowl. The Patriots will be playing against the Los Angeles Rams. I’m not a fan of these teams, but I am rooting for the Rams, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing them next Super Bowl.