No Worries

Chimee Ezike, Writer

On October 23, the Lakers, the most popular basketball team in LA, were 0-3 as the 14th seed in the Western Conference. After acquiring the best player in the world, LeBron James, everyone is surprised by the Lakers’ beginning. Their performance in the last two games fell short due to a lack of coordination and effort. With all this being said, many Laker fans believe most people are overreacting to this slow start.

First, there have only been three games, and many teams that start off well do not always end up as the best teams. For example, Orlando Magic started off 8-0, yet they didn’t even make the playoffs. Many basketball fans would much rather get to the playoffs than have a good start and not be a contender in the end. Let’s also not forget that two of these games have been close. Their second game against the Houston Rockets went neck to neck until Rockets were able to pull away in the end. Then, we saw Lakers go all the way to overtime in their third game to San Antonio before losing due to two free throws.

Referring to the team’s lackluster start, LeBron assures fans, “I know what I got myself into. It’s a process. I get it, and we’ll be fine.  I didn’t come here thinking we were going to be blazing, storming right out of the gate. It’s a process, and I understand that.”

This should give many Lakers fans relief, as their team’s leader is not very worried.

Additionally, it’s important that everyone understand the significance of team chemistry. Many players are great, but it may take a while to adjust to a certain system. Take for example, the 2013 LA Lakers, a team with a young Dwight, Kobe, and Gasol trio, that failed miserably due to their egos and locker room arguments. Had Dwight and Kobe put aside their differences and egos, we would’ve witnessed a replica of 2000-2002 Lakers, where we saw the dedicated, Kobe, and low effort, Shaquille O’neal, win three championships in a row.

So, to all the Lakers fans or LeBron fans, RELAX. This is a long season, and we are going to be in for a long ride, as our young players and veterans must come together for the betterment of the team. We’ve have seen many good things, such as a more aggressive Lonzo Ball, an improved Josh Hart, and dominant two-point shots from Javale Mcgee. All in all, success may take a while, but it will be worth it in the end.