Angelina Malit on Her First Year in Volleyball

Alyssa De La Cruz , Writer

As volleyball season starts, there is always the same question: Who’s in the team this year? Well, I am here to tell you one of the newest members of the Girl’s Volleyball team is my friend, Angelina Malit. As her first year is just starting, here are her statements concerning her first year:

How is your first-year in volleyball going? How is it being in the varsity team?

My first-year in varsity is really great and fun. Everyone in varsity is very supportive and willing to help you throughout the season. I’m not going to lie, at first, I was really nervous about all of it, but eventually I opened up and everything turned out fine.

I know that most of the varsity players are upperclassmen. How did you feel on senior night given you just joined the team this year, and now the friends you have made are graduating in early June.

Even though I barely joined varsity this year, I was very emotional during senior night. Throughout the season, I became really close to the seniors and I’m going to miss them when they graduate.

How was your first experience in playoffs?

Playoffs was really fun and I had a great experience. Watching everyone play was very intense and very exciting. I can’t wait for next year.

Do you plan to continue playing volleyball until you graduate?

Yes, I plan to continue playing volleyball because of the great experience I had. Also, I love being on the court with my team.


As I was asking Angelina these questions, she seemed so joyful speaking about her first year in volleyball. Even though it was her first year, it’s exciting how her and the team went to the playoffs. They won their first playoff game in HMSA history, but lost their second playoff game. The girls worked so hard this season. Good luck to them next year. Also, good luck to the seniors with their future!