What Did the Dodgers Do Wrong This Year?

Alyssa De La Cruz , Writer

This year is the second year in a roll that the Los Angeles Dodgers make the World Series. As everyone remembers, last year was a very devastating loss in the 2017 World Series. Dodgers last year were 104-58, setting a record in Dodgers history.

This year was a completely different route. Dodgers ended this year 92-71. A different year meant different players joining the roster, such as Manny Machado, Brian Dozier, and David Freese. One key player this year is the rookie, Walker Buehler. An excellent game he pitched in was the tiebreaker game against the Colorado Rockies.

This year was full of ups and downs, but we must all keep in mind that the Dodgers tried hard this year, even with missing key players.

The World Series this year was Los Angeles Dodgers vs Boston Red Sox. The Dodgers this year were the underdogs meaning they had a little chance of winning. The first two games were in Boston, and Boston took the first two games. Then, the Dodgers arrived to LA, and played the longest game in World Series history with 18 innings! Dodgers took the win with the walk-off home run from Max Muncy!

From this fascinating win, the Dodgers were ready for Game 4. Dodgers sadly lost Game 4 with an awful game plan. Leading the game 4-0 and then losing 9-6. By this time, Dodgers fans begin to lose hope.

Here comes Game 6 with Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw has not been pitching as well in the playoffs, but he did try his best to keep the series going. Sadly, it wasn’t just the pitching, it was also the batting.

Everything was just not going right for the Dodgers this World Series. After this World Series, everyone thought Clayton Kershaw would leave LA. Surprisingly, Kershaw signed a 3-year deal for $93 million. Kershaw stated that he wants to show everyone that he can do much more and bring a title to LA.

Maybe if the Dodgers make it to the World Series again in 2019, the third time will be a charm.